Streamlined organization and navigation tools provide comprehensive product reference.


November 12, 2010 -
Adjustable Locking Technologies (ALT) is pleased to announce today the launch of its new website at The restructured site features streamlined organization and dynamic navigation tools to serve as a comprehensive, user-friendly product reference.

The website's enhanced information hierarchy presents ALT's wide range of product offerings in a format that stays consistent across all models of all product lines. Adjustable Locking Technologies presents information in five main categories: Home, About ALT, Products, Applications and Contact.

 The updated navigation adds depth and versatility to the site allowing users to explore products in greater detail in regards to specifications and practical application.

For example, the extensive Variloc product section includes buttons that allow users to review detailed technical specifications, download prints for each hinge, and view product information tables to quickly compare capabilities. Beyond individual product photos and schematics, many visuals are added to illustrate hinge activation and usage and to show a wide range of applications.

Integrating advanced navigation tools and user-friendly functionality, the new design of  is consistent with ALT's ongoing commitment to provide clients with contemporary resources.

Adjustable Locking Technologies LLC manufactures secure, hands-on positioning hinges for diverse applications including aeronautics, custom, ergonomic, medical, military, and tooling. ALT is an American company with all products manufactured in the USA. Our strategic manufacturing suppliers are also American companies.