Adjustable Locking Technologies improves ergonomic handle adjustment for adult and athletic push chair manufacturer Adaptive Star.


June 28th 2011, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan - As the original manufacturer of the patented Variloc® locking hinge design, Adjustable Locking Technologies (ALT) has specialized in providing hinge mechanisms for unique medical equipment since 1997. Most recently, adult push chair manufacturer Adaptive Star has relied on Adjustable Locking Technologies' Variloc® hinges to provide ergonomic, rugged handle adjustment in all the company's Axiom chair products. The new partnership has provided Adaptive Star with a quality source of USA-made locking hinges and has expanded ALT's portfolio of cutting-edge medical equipment applications.

manufacturer of unique adult push chairs and racing chairs, Adaptive Star provides the kind of transportation which has previously been unavailable to most persons with physical disabilities. Adaptive Star's Axiom product line includes push chairs designed to provide rugged outdoor mobility for children and adults with disabilities. In addition to allowing persons with disabilities to participate with friends and family in more outdoor activities, Axiom push chairs are often used to enable persons with disabilities to participate in foot races, such as marathons.


Adjustable Locking Technologies' Variloc® hinges are key components in Axiom chairs' adjustable handles, or "momentum providers". The chairs' momentum providers must withstand the full force of by the person or athlete pushing the chair over sometimes rugged terrain, but they must also be easily adjusted. ALT's Variloc® hinges provide precisely the combination of easy, push-button adjustability and the ability to withstand rugged torque Adaptive Star's unique chairs require.

Adaptive Star has been sourcing plastic Variloc® hinges from Adjustable Locking Technologies since December 2010 to incorporate into Axiom and custom push chair products. In addition to ensuring all Axiom chair parts are USA-made, Adaptive Star has appreciated the added flexibility and quality ALT's Variloc® hinges have provided.

Adjustable Locking Technologies' owners take pride in providing hinging support to manufacturers whose products enhance the lives of persons with disabilities. "Whenever our products are used to help people with disabilities, we see that as good news," ALT CEO John Scheer commented.