Secure, hands-on positioning hinges make every adjustment a custom fit.
Adjustable Locking Technologies is the original manufacturer of patented Variloc®, Infiloc® and RocLoc® incremental locking hinges. ALT's standard and custom rotary locking hinges offer state of the art design and activation features ideal for a wide range of medical, tooling and other specialty applications. Variloc® and Infiloc® hinges are fully customizable, with easily integrated cable, pneumatic and push button hinge release capabilities. ALT's revolutionary hinge design provides 180, 360 and 220 inline rotation, with limitless mounting options and the ability to withstand rugged, heavy duty torque.

Top original equipment manufacturers (OEM) such as NASA, GE, GM and Boeing have relied on Adjustable Locking Technologies' custom hinges to create equipment and tools which function in ways which have never before been possible. With all hinges made 100% in the USA, Adjustable Locking Technologies rotary hinges are the clear choice for specialty and locking hinge applications.